As California Burns, a Warning for Florida

BARTOW (970 WFLA) -- Wildfires can break out at any time of year in Florida, but we're about to enter the busiest time of year... from January to June. 

One of this year's biggest in our state was the Indian Lake Estates fire in Polk County, where Polk Fire Rescue spokesman Kevin Watler says they need people to co-operate when they order an evacuation, and close off a neighborhood. If you live near woods, that means having a "go bag" in case you're forced out, or stuck waiting at a barricade to return home 

Watler also says now is the time to clear trees, brush and leaves away from your house... including palm fronds. "You don't want to have a lot of palm trees right next to your house, because if it catches fire, it could also cause the house to catch fire," Watler says. 

The Florida Forest Service has prepared a page of useful information for wildfire season. 

Tips on preparing for wildfire season AT THIS LINK

Photo Credit: Polk County Fire Rescue

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