Parents of Seminole Heights Murder Suspects Not Talking to Prosecutors

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren says prosecutors are pursuing the same information from Trai Donaldson's parents as any witness in the Seminole Heights quadruple murder case.

He says prosecutors need to know about the 24-year-old's past when it comes to mental health, guns and his whereabouts on the nights when four people were shot and killed in southeast Seminole Heights.

But Rosita and Howell Donaldson Jr. have refused to answer prosecutors' questions.  

Their attorney, Ralph Fernandez, says the couple doesn't want to be asked to testify against their son.  Warren says they're not.  He says they've been subpoenaed to answer questions in a private setting, not on the witness stand.

Warren also cautions, however, that state and federal law doesn't offer parents the same legal protections when it comes to their kids as there are between spouses.  

A judge will determine Thursday if the Donaldsons will have to comply with the investigative subpeona or be held in contempt of court.  Warren says he does not forsee the Donaldsons to serve jail time.

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