"We All Are Devastated"


That's the word repeatedly used by the parents of Seminole Heights murder suspect Howell Donaldson III.

Rosita Donaldson says she's been praying for the victims' families since the murders started occuring in October.  Now, she's asking for prayers for her family has they try to reconcile to the fact that their 24-year-old son, known as "Trai", is accused of randomly murdering four people in southeast Seminole Heights.

The parents offered no motive, but Rosita says the actions of this killer are not the actions of "my baby".

The Donaldsons say they love their son and support him.

"We're people of faith," says Howell Donaldson Jr..  "We're gonna lean on our faith as we go through this ordeal and we're gonna allow God to be God."

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