It's Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in Florida

TAMPA (970 WFLA) -- This is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in Florida.

With Florida's large mature driver propulation, it's an issue that impacts everyone's safety. 

Gail Holley with the Florida Department of Transportation says they're focusing on three issues for older drivers. 

"We want you to understand the effect aging has on driving... (and) be proactive about your safe driving skills," Holley says. 

She adds that all drivers should also plan for the day when they really shouldn't be behind the wheel.

"(Make) your lifelong community checklist, which is a simple way to look around and (see) how you can get around and... still get to the places you need to go... without driving," Holley says. 

AARP is hosting several driver education events around the state. 

Also, AAA Auto Club South is hosting a CarFit event Tuesday (5) morning at 9:00 a.m. If you call them at (813) 289-5831 and make an appointment, a technician and a health professional will adjust the driver's seat, seatbelt, and mirrors, to make sure an older driver can see over the steering wheel, reach the controls, and not experience pain while making necessary driving moves. 

More information about driver safety events HERE

More information about older driver safety HERE

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