Ridin' The Radio

Tampa, Fla.-(10/29/2017)-Was a guest on the broadcast side of the Born To Ride empire. Joined host Craven Moorehead and the magazine's Everywhere Eddy and Lynne for three hours of motorcycle talk.

Born to Ride Radio host Craven Moorehead.Not only does Craven do a column for the popular motorcycle magazine, he hosts Born To Ride Radio each Tuesday night.  It's on the internet through borntoride.com. It's a lot of fun.  It's supposed to be a talk show, but we did play some Tom Petty in honor of the late great.

Not too many calls the night I was on the show.  It could just be me or Craven didn't pay his phone bill. We did have a guest on the show talking about Roscoe's annual Chili Challenge biker party. That's a fun time in Lakeland.Steve Hall on Born To Ride Radio

The studio was actually constructed by Moorehead inside the office of a former motorcycle repair shop. I think he still works on a bike or two around the place.

Born To Ride Radio on Tuesdays, 8 to 11 p.m.  

Photos courtesy of Born To Ride

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