Protecting Homeowners from Couch Surfers

TALLAHASSEE (970 WFLA) -- Whether it's joblessness, homelessness or "failure to launch," a lot of people have ended up on the couch or in the spare room of friends and family during the last decade, including adult children returning to live with their parents. 

But the law makes it difficult to tell these people -- sometimes referred to as "couch surfers" -- to move out, treating them like tenants dealing with a landlord and a lease. 

Tampa Republican State Senator Dana Young wants to make it easier, with a bill filed for next year's legislative session.

It would change many categories of residents, including former boyfriends and girlfriends, to "transient occupants," if the address on their driver's license changed less than a year ago. That would make it easier for homeowners and primary residents to send "couch surfers" to a different location.

Right now, if your driver license has an address on it, and your mail goes there, you're not considered "transient." 

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