90 Year Old "Sucker Punched" in Winter Haven Parking Lot

Watch Video Here:


Police in Winter Haven are trying to find two men who attacked a 90-year-old veteran in the parking lot of a Publix this week.

Investigators are asking anyone with cell phone video to contact police.

It happened Wednesday when the veteran, who's name is not being released, backed out of a space and thought the coast was clear.  It wasn't.  A black vehicle was driving the wrong direction down that parking lot aisle and the veteran's car hit it.  

Police say the two men got out of their car and started yelling and cursing at the vet, then "sucker punched" him.  

Witnesses tried to intervene, but the suspects took off.

The victim will be okay, but did suffer some pretty significant cuts and bruises.

Anyone with information should contact the Winter Haven police department at 1-863-401-2256.

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