Tampa Police Release New Video In Seminole Heights Case

Tampa's interim police chief Brian Dugan says there's new video being released that may shed more light on the three Seminole Heights murders, or at least one of them.

Dugan says previously-released surveillance video shows someone wearing a hoodie, possibly flipping a cell phone, walking down a street near where Benjamin Mitchell was shot and killed October 9th.  

Shortly afterward, the newly released video shows that same person running back down the street in the opposite direction after police say Mitchell was gunned down at the 15th Street bus stop.

Dugan says this person isn't necessarily a suspect, but is a person of interest and believes he or she knows something about Mitchell's murder.

Two others were shot and killed in that same area of Seminole Heights over the next couple of weeks.

Dugan says the person in the video was either "late for dinner, exercising, heard gunshots or had just murdered Benjamin Mitchell."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has also increased the reward in this case, so the reward now stands at $35,000. 

Profiling The Seminole Heights Serial Killer - Thumbnail Image

Profiling The Seminole Heights Serial Killer

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