Lawmaker Goes After Business Identity Theft

TALLAHASSEE (970 WFLA) -- You're probably concerned about someone stealing your identity and using your bank account or credit cards. But if you own a business, you might not be aware of corporate identity theft. 

State Senator Dana Young (R-Tampa) says unscrupulous individuals are changing corporate registration information on the Sunbiz website, maintained by the Department of State. They're gaining access to legal communications, preventing legitimate executives from accessing that information. 

Even worse, Young says, someone stole the identity of a Tampa company and sold property worth $750,000. 

Young has introduced a bill requiring company officers get a heads-up, when someone tries to change their contact information on the Sunbiz website, where corporations are required to register. Right now, all you have to do is send an e-mail to change company information. 

Young's bill would also direct the Department of State to set up a secure process for changing company information. 

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