Protest Crowd Growing for Richard Spencer's UF Speech

Two hours before the Richard Spencer speech, NewsChannel 8 photojournalist Maurice Capobianco observed only three protesters at the University of Florida.

Wrapped in American flags, and one holding a sign reading "No Trump Nazis", the three stood across the street from a bank of reporters and tv cameras.  

Media far outnumbered protesters.

But then, crowds flowed into the streets with law enforcers in full force.  

"There's a quick response team, officers in bicycles.  Every corner of everything, there's police," said Capobianco.

Governor Rick Scott declared a preemptive State of Emergency for Alachua County a few days ago in order to prepare for the white supremacist's speech at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

Spencer's appearance in Charlottesville, Virginia over the summer sparked violent protests.  One person was killed.

As a public university, UF can't deny someone the opportunity to engage in free speech.  But UF President Kent Fuchs has urged students...and everyone stay away and not give Spencer the satisfaction of being heard.

(Photo courtesy of Maurice Capobianco, Newschannel 8)

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