Dunedin Man Had Bombs, Guns, Ammo, School Maps

DUNEDIN (970 WFLA) -- He had explosives, firearms, more than two thousand rounds of ammunition, a homemade silencer, and a baseball bat with nails. 

He also had maps of two Hillsborough County schools and a water treatment plant. That's what Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says about 24-year-old Randall Drake. 

Deputies raided his Dunedin home on a child pornography investigation. They found a note that spoke about "bloody revenge" and contained the message "let the world burn."

Deputies say Drake had maps of Essrig Elementary and Ben Hill Middle School. 

 Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says Drake could have done "a lot of damage." Gualtieri says Drake has posted bond but they plan to take him into custody under the Baker Act.

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