Pasco Sheriff's Body Cam Video Released in NPR Standoff

"He's got a high-powered rifle."  

That's just one of the comments made by one of two Pasco County Sheriff's SWAT team members as they tried to confront Brian Desario outside his New Port Richey home last Thursday.  The sound of gunfire punctuates the video.

The sheriff's office has released body cam video that shows the minutes in which Desario and the SWAT team exchanged gunfire.  Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco calls their actions "heroism". 

Shortly beforehand, investigators say Desario shot and killed neighbor David Armstrong because Desario thought Armstrong was trying to steal Desario's imaginary girlfriend.

Desario was later found dead inside his home on Constance Drive from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  

The incident occured just a couple hundred yards away from Gulf Highlands elementary, which went into lockdown mode during the confrontation.  

Nocco Desario had a history of mental illness, but had not seen his doctor or taken his medication for nearly a year.  

He also says the nation's health care industry needs to do a better job taking care of the mentally ill before they get a hold of weapons and create havoc, as was the case in Las Vegas recently.

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