Irma Looters Busted in Pinellas

ST. PETERSBURG (970 WFLA) -- Pinellas Detectives arrest three burglary suspects who broke into a pawn store and stole firearms during Hurricane Irma. 

 It happened September 10th and 11th at the Pawn Depot 2 on 34th Street North, as the storm moved through the Bay area. 

Deputies responded at 7 in the morning of the 11th, as winds died down. They found two firearms missing, along with jewelry and electronics. 

31-year-old James Ruttencutter, 21 year old Kevin Guthrie, and 18 year old Tyler Harris, all of Clearwater, are facing burglary charges. Most items were recovered, but the two firearms got sold on the street. All three remain in the Pinellas County Jail at last report. They're in extra trouble, because they committed their crimes during a state of emergency. 

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