Liberal Group Gives Florida Lawmakers Bad Grades

TALLAHASSEE (970 WFLA) -- A left-leaning group called Progress Florida has just issued its first report card for members of the Republican-dominated Legislature. As you might expect, it's filled with F's. 

Damien Filer with Progress Florida says they looked at 12 hot-button issues this year, and found that most lawmakers voted with special interests, rather than the people.

"Three out of four voters supported Florida Forever, and yet in the budget there's no money. Floridians overwhelmingly support more access to health care, and (lawmakers) took half a billion away from Medicaid", Filer said. 

Out of 160 Representatives and Senators, only 31 got A's, while more than a hundred got failing grades. 

More about the "People First Report Card" here. 

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