How to listen to NewsRadio WFLA

970-AM is the way you have always known to listen to 970 WFLA, but there are so many more! 

Pasco: 99.1 FM

Pinellas: 94.5 FM

Hillsborough: 105.9 FM

Everywhere: 97.9FM HD2 (If you have a newer car with HD Radio)

Smart Speakers: "Play WFLA"

Smart Devices: Smart Phones, TV's and Computers: Listen on the iHeartRadio app

970AM is still available for you to listen as well

In Pinellas County, listen to WFLA News on 94.5 FM

In Pasco County, listen to NewsRadio WFLA on 99.1 FM, from Holiday all the way up to Spring Hill! 

In Hillsborough County, use 105.9 FM to hear NewsRadio WFLA

If you have a HD Radio in your car, you can take advantage of our HD Radio signal. Go to 97.9 FM and flip the dial over to HD-2 and you will hear 970 WFLA. 

Listen to us anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer! Click the image above to download the app for free. You can use your car's USB, Audio in or bluetooth.

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