Harvey: FL ICE Agents Rescue Co-Worker's Parents

BEAUMONT, TX (970 WFLA) -- The Immigration and Customs Enforcement office that serves the Tampa Bay area has a 13-member Rapid Response Team on the ground in Beaumont, Texas, helping out after Hurricane Harvey. Wednesday, that team helped out a fellow ICE employee whose parents were stuck in rising water.

ICE Tampa spokesperson Tamara Spicer says an ICE worker who lives in San Antonio has parents in the Beaumont area, who were sheltering in place, until a levee broke and flooded their neighborhood. He reached out to his network in the Department of Homeland Security, and the team from Florida answered the call. 

Spicer says they rescued that family and some neighbors in a similar situation. 

The Rapid Response Team is one of several from around the nation, helping law enforcement and first responders in Texas. 

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