It Didn't Darken, But Dazzled

All around the Bay Area--at beaches and museum-libraries and parking lots--people donned solar glasses and peered through telescopes and cardboard box projectors to see the solar eclipse.

Granted, it wasn't a total eclipse in this location, but it was an awesome thing to see.

Along Gandy Beach in St. Petersburg, a number of people gathered to watch with their solar glasses.  

"Wow, it's something else!  I never thought I'd see something like this," said Gail Hutton of Gibsonton.  nearby, Joe and Cheryl Murphy sat under umbrellas and watched the whole eclipse process.

"I haven't seen any sort of an eclipse.  Maybe a lunar eclipse, but nothing this dramatic," said Cheryl. "It makes me want to go to the next one and be in full darkness."

And what did the eclipse look like from the Bay Area?  Descriptions ranged from " a Moon Pie moving across the sun" to "a mac and cheese noddle."

The next solar eclipse is supposed to take place in 2024.

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