UF to white nationalist: Stay off campus

GAINESVILLE, FL (970 WFLA-- The University of Florida is telling one of the key figures in last weekend's white nationalist event in Charlottesville, he's not welcome on campus. 

University president W. Kent Fuchs says they're turning down Richard Spencer and his "National Policy Institute", because of calls in social media for a repeat of the violence that left a woman dead and several people injured. Cameron Padgett, who invited Spencer to speak September 12th, says the university is violating free speech.

Padgett has already won a similar case against Auburn University, in which a federal judge ordered the school to let Spencer speak. U-F spokesperson Janine Sikes says lawyers are ready if Padgett files a suit against the university. 

Spencer was a key figure in the protest last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, that ended in deadly violence.

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