Hillsborough Confederate Monument May Remain in Place

Hillsborough County Commissioners wearily, and at times angrily, tackled the confederate monument saga again.

This time, commissioner Victor Crist said, if the monument is to be moved from public to private property, then private donors should foot at least half the bill.

Commissioner Les Miller, who initiated the monument removal effort, views it as another attempt to keep the monument where it is in front of the old county courthouse.  He pointed out  that Crist wanted to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a "diversity" mural next to the monument in its current location.  

In the end, commissioners voted 4-2 to set a September 16th deadline for the private sector to raise $140,000 to relocate the monument to a private cemetery in Brandon.

If that goal isn't met by then, however, the monument will remain in front of the courthouse.  

There is a GoFundMe account and more than $11,000 has already been raised.  

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