Is a New Bulls Stadium in the Works?

USF executives have released a new feasibility study on the potential to build a new football stadium on campus.

Vice President for Administrative Services, Calvin Williams,  said the year-long feasibility study focused on two so-called "zones" on campus--one on the western side of the university property and the other on the southeast corner.  

He said any new football stadium would accommodate 40-to-50,000 fans and have a mixed-use purpose that would include a hotel, retail space and parking.

That could cost as much as $200 million dollars.  Williams said the next phase of this stadium project is funding, but assured tax dollars nor tuition would be used.

Williams said this is only the beginning of the process and if USF gets a football stadium, don't look for it for another five-to-seven years.  The study will be presented to the university's Board of Trustees next week.

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