Psychotherapist Charged With Sexual Misconduct Again

Lakeland, Fla.(970 WFLA)-A Polk County mental health professional is facing charges of sexual misconduct after a woman claims he touched her inappropriately during  therapy.   

The 33 year old victim claims Anthony Conti requested she close her eyes ,  while he began some breathing exercises with her.   According to the Lakeland Police report, that's when Conti began touching her.

During the sessions, the victim told police,  she was afraid to open her eyes and became uncomfortable, confused, scared and was panicking.   Conti allegedly told the victim that she had anger built up inside her private areas and he needed to massage it.  She never went to see him again. 

Conti was out on bond at the time of the alleged June, 2017 sexual misconduct.   In September of 2016, charges were filed against him after six victims came forward alleging sexual misconduct.  

Conti is charged with sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist.

Photo Credit: Lakeland Police Department

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