Condo Ceiling Collapse Residents Evacuated

Sun City, Fla.-(970 WFLA) - Residents of one building at a Sun City retirement community were evacuated late last night after the ceiling collapsed in four of the condominium units.

Hillsborough Fire and Rescue arrived just after midnight to the Aston Gardens Retirement Community, 220 Courtyard Blvd.    After evacuating the building, firefighters walked through the units, and found four of the seven units in the building with severe ceiling damage.

A contractor has been working on the roof of the building, and Wednesday evening’s storms lead to water entering the attic. That water saturated insulation and drywall ceiling of the 4 units causing the drywall to collapse inside the 4 condos. 3 other condo units inside the building were evacuated out of an abundance of caution.  In all 7 condo units housing 7 residents inside 1 building have been evacuated. 

The complex and contractor have made lodging arrangements for the displaced residents. There are no reported injuries.

Photo Credit: Hillsborough Fire And Rescue

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