Republican House Whip Shot at Baseball Practice

ALEXANDRIA, VA (970 WFLA) -- House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (ska-LEES) of Louisiana is among five people shot at a ball park in Alexandria, Virginia. It happened as they were holding batting practice for the Congressional softball game tomorrow night. 

Alexandria Police chief Michael Brown says Capitol police who were with Scalise, fired back. The gunman is in custody. 

Scalise was with other Republicans at a field in Alexandria, Virginia, practicing for tomorrow night's congressional baseball game. He's expected to survive.

CBS reports the gunman was armed with a rifle and pistol. 

Two congressman who attended the event suggest the gunman was targeting Republicans, including Mark Walker of North Carolina, and Ron DeSantis of Florida, who left just before the shooting. DeSantis says a man approached, asking whether the men playing ball were Democrats or Republicans. 

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