Suspect Named In Tampa Murder

                                                                                 Michael Bridgeman, wanted for murder in Tampa, Fla.

Tampa, Fla.-(Newsradio 970 WFLA)-Police have named Michael A. Bridgeman  as the suspect in the April 27th murder of Curtis Thomas.  The shooting death happened in front of the Lake Avenue Liquor Store.

Investigators say Thomas was riding his bicycle toward the store when he started yelling at Bridgeman for some unknown reason. Police say Bridgeman pulled out a gun and shot Thomas several times. After Thomas fell to the ground, police say Bridgeman walked up and shot Thomas in the head.

Bridgeman was caught on surveillance video at the store at the time of the murder.  Several witnesses were able to identify Bridgeman from the video.

Police say Bridgeman is a three time convicted felon. An arrest warrant has been issued for Bridgeman for first degree murder and a felon in possession of a firearm.

Photo courtesy Tampa Police

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