Good Sams Still Exist

Lost bracelet found at Walmart

Valrico, Fla.-(4/30/2017)-Tattoo Lady was freakin' out. She came home to realize she'd lost her favorite bracelet.

It was a bracelet made like a miniature motorcycle chain. I got it for her at a Biketoberfest a few years back in Daytona.

We had been making the rounds. We started at a friend's, went to Walmart and out to a late lunch. We checked all around the car first. Nothing. We called my friend. "Nope, not here." The restaurant couldn't find it and Walmart didn't have it.

Tattoo Lady was stressing! She was beginning to think that she would never see her prized bracelet again. We looked some more and made a couple more phone calls.  Walmart's courtesy desk responded this time. Some good Samaritan had found the bracelet and turned it in.

Good Samaritans do exist! Just when you'd given up on this crazy world, some person does the right thing. All is well.

Photo by Tattoo Lady

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