Road Rage Driver Attacks Teens With Stun Gun

CLEARWATER, Fla. (970 WFLA) - It started out as a case of road rage.  It turned into an assault and battery.

A woman apparently lost it while in heavy traffic, and took out her anger on a high school student and her friend, according to Clearwater Police.

Ashley Hatfield, 23, was stuck in traffic on South Belcher Road Wednesday afternoon.  Investigators said she was so furious, she followed the car of an 18-year old and her friend to a nearby PDQ restaurant.

Then, Hatfield got out of her car carrying a stun-gun and approached the teen's vehicle.  Police said she stuck the stun-gun in the driver's side window, trying to zap the teenager and her passenger in the face.

Police were called and Hatfield was arrested.

photo credit: Pinellas County Jail

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