Tampa Police Launch Project REC

Tampa, Fla.-(Newsradio 970 WFLA)-The police department is kicking off something called "Project REC."  REC stands for Register Every Camera. 

REC creates a network of community members who are willing to share useful video footage with police officers actively working to track down criminals.

Officers searching for suspects can now view a map of nearby Project REC subscribers and focus on making contact with those individuals, instead of relying strictly on the time-consuming and sometimes ineffective task of going door-to-door through neighborhoods asking for information.

More than two dozen residents have already signed up for Project REC during a one-week trial period.  The Tampa Police Department is now encouraging all residents and business owners within the city to register their surveillance cameras with the department online at: tampagov.net/police/project-rec

Each Project REC subscriber will receive a window decal from the department which will showcase their participation in the program.

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