Tesla Rides Coming To USF Area

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Can't afford a Tesla?  You can ride in one instead, for about three-dollars.

HART, the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority will have four Tesla X models begin service in the USF area starting Monday.

The electric cars are a crossover design, and feature the "falcon wing" rear side doors.

While these vehicles will have drivers, Tesla has equipped the cars with software for "driverless" rides sometime down the road.

The cars are available through HART's Hyperlink app which is currently providing rides in Brandon, Carrollwood, and the University area.

HART said the program will cost nearly $900,000 over a two year period.  The funding to secure the Tesla vehicles was provided through private donations.

The cars can travel 250-miles per battery charge.  The Tesla X seats six passengers, and is virtually silent while driving.

HART is leasing the vehicles, but they normally cost $94,000 apiece.

photo credit: Getty Images

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