3 Year Old Found Wandering Streets Late At Night

Venice, Fla. (970 WFLA)- On Friday night around 10:21, a good Samaritan called police after finding a 3-year-old boy wearing only a diaper wandering in the area of 385 N. Bypass 41 in Venice. 

Officers began searching the area, eventually finding an open room door at a nearby Motel 6. 

Officers discovered three additional children ranging in age from 1-14 sleeping in a motel room with no adults present. 

The parents, 38 Year-Old Ryan Wayman and 36 Year-Old Trieste Wayman, returned to the motel and were interviewed by detectives.   They stated they were working at the time of the incident, but the investigation revealed they were actually at a local bar. 

Ryan and Trieste were arrested and each charged with 4 counts of child neglect.

Photo Credit: Venice Police 

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