VIDEO: Wild Horse Attacks Alligator

Paynes Prairie, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Krystal Berry said the whole event left her shaking.

She was casually watching a group of wild horses at Paynes Prairie Preserve in Alachua County as an alligator was lying on a roadway.  

Berry happened to be rolling on her camera phone, when the horse decided it didn't like the gator.

The horse trotted over to the reptile, stomped on it, stepped back, and stomped on it again.  The second time the alligator appeared to bite the horse's leg. 

The horse casually wandered back to the small herd, and the gator carried on with its business.

Berry told News Channel 8 she called authorities at the park to let them know about the incident.

She said it didn't appear that either animal was injured.

photo credit: Krystal Berry/WFLA-TV

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