Deputies Rescue Woman From Burning Building

Tampa, Fla.(970 WFLA)- Last Tuesday, deputies responded to an apartment fire in the 7000 block of San Ramon Place.  

When deputies arrived, most of the residents had escaped the smoke and flames.   As deputies worked on accounting for all of the people inside,  a resident told them they did not know where 58 year old Bonnie Adhemy was and that she had medical issues and was only partially ambulatory. 

The building had a substantial amount of smoke inside, but deputies entered to search for Adhemy.  The 

The fire started in apartment 101, but affected the entire building.  HCFR felt Ms. Adhemy would not have been able to make it through the smoke by herself given her medical conditions.  

Three  deputies,  identified as 27 year old Robert Klocksieben, a 4-year veteran, 33 year old Alton Smith a 7.5-yr veteran, and 27 year old Jeremy Pollacka 2 year veteran,  risked their own safety to preserve her life.

A resident from an adjacent apartment took the video shown below  of the deputies' actions in trying to rescue Ms. Adhemy.

Video Credit: Hillsborough Sheriff's Office

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