Voluntary Evacuations Lifted In Pasco County

New Port Richey, Fla. (970 WFLA)- Pasco County's Emergency Management has lifted a voluntary evacuation for all residents.  The Fasano Regional Hurricane Shelter is now closed.

The two brushfires off of SR 52 and Hays Road are called the Silver Palms and the Campground Fire.

The Silver Palms fire is close to the Suncoast Lakes Subdivision where thereare about 50 homes.   The fire is about 200-300 yards to the nearest homes.   Florida Fire service has two tractors on the scene.  20-percent contained, the fire is about 20 acres.  This fire is moving slowly.

The Campground Fire is about 55 acres in the at the Starkey Wilderness Preserve/Seranova tract south of State Road 52 and Hays Road. This fire is 55 percent contained.No homes are immediately threatened.

Florida Fire Service, Pasco Fire Rescue, Salvation Army, FHP and Pasco Sheriff's Office are on scene.

Photo Credit: Pasco County Fire Rescue Battalion 4

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