Alligators On The Move In Florida

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Don't be surprised to see an alligator wandering around the outside the swamp.

It's mating season, and that means gators are on the move.  The hotter weather also helps wake them up from the winter slumber.

“Just beware of alligators.  Any body of water most likely has at least one alligator in it," trapper Tim Geist told News Channel 8.

The Sarasota Sheriff's Office responded to a gator that was spotted in a tennis court at the Englewood Sports Complex.

Several trappers in the Bay area have showed up to homes where the reptiles have paid a visit to the doorstep.  

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials are reminding people that it's a federal offense to feed alligators, and to leave them alone if they're out and about.

“You’re endangering the alligator’s life yourself by feeding him, because us trappers, we’re going to have to come and remove him when he starts approaching people when he becomes bigger,” Geist said.

Alligator mating season lasts into June.

photo credit:  Sarasota Sheriff's Office 

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