Stinky Trash Mound Leads To Thousands In Fines

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - A filthy trash pile in Hillsborough County is causing a stink for anyone nearby.

35 tons of rotting garbage was dumped illegally at 10716 E. Broadway Avenue, and it's one smelly mess.

Cars, hot tubs, oxygen tanks, propane tanks, tires, and all kinds of trash can be found at the site.

Ron Spiller from Hillsborough County Code Enforcement told News Channel 8 it’s one of the worst cases of illegal dumping he’s ever seen.

“There’s a townhouse community and a retirement complex behind it,” said Spiller. “These folks have been very negatively impacted by gnats, there’s an odor and all that." 

"All that appeared in such a short period of time," Spiller said. 

Robert Rogan from American Waste Services is now facing felony charges.

Investigators said Rogan was saving the cost of properly disposing the garbage by dumping it illegally.

Rogan is currently at large as deputies are searching for him.

He faces $250,000 in fines when he's caught.

Investigators estimate that it will take nearly 21 days to get rid of all the trash.

photo credit: WFLA-TV

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