Bike Week 2017 Ends

Daytona Beach, Fla-(3/19/2017)-Another Daytona Bike Week is in the history books. The folks at the chamber of commerce seem to think the 76th annual event was a great success.

I know the riders who came down from New York and other snowy states loved riding around in March. We did have a little cool spell, but it was nothing compared to the snow up north.

The police say the bikers, for the most part, obeyed the law.  A few crashes, a couple of bar fights and some drunks, but no big deal.  In fact, the cops would rather have the bikers than the Spring breakers.

A new tattoo, a couple of new black t-shirts and some memories. It was a good time. See more pix from Bike Week 2017 below.

All photos by Steve Hall and Tattoo Lady

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