Tampa Police Say The Crime Rate Is Down

(Tampa, Fla. - 970 WFLA)  Today, City of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Tampa Police Chief Eric Ward highlighted a key reason Tampa continues to see a decrease in crime. Both link this to community involvement.

"It's a team effort.  Without the relationship with the community, every part of the community, this would not happen", stated Mayor Buckhorn as he spoke on the 24% decrease in crime Tampa has seen since 2011.

A primary focus for Chief Ward has been the reduction of violent crime to make sure all of our community members and visitors are safe. In the past year, the initiatives and programs he authorized have resulted in a 16.5% drop in violent crime and a 6.8% decrease in property crime. "It's all the men and women of the Tampa Police Department and our community coming together to work and solve these issues".

Community relationships and involvement will continue to be a motivator in future crime reduction. Roberto Torres, an Ybor City business owner made it

clear: "We cannot take our eye off the ball so those numbers keep coming down".  Femi Kennedy, property manager of Jackson Heights, "The one on one relationship I have with Tampa Police Department is huge. I can honestly say I have 15 to 16 officers' phone numbers in my cell phone that I can pick up at any time, call them, and get a response.  Simple things like that go a long way".

Moving forward, the Tampa Police Department continues to look for innovative ways to further reduce crime. No tool, however, benefits us more than the involvement of the community we serve.

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