Cockfighting Operation Stopped In Polk

Lakeland, Fla.-(Newsradio 970 WFLA)-Polk County deputies have ended a cockfighting operation in Lakeland and arrested the suspected operator, 41-year-old, Gilberto Montero.  Montero is charged with possession of animal fighting and baiting paraphernalia and tampering with physical evidence.

Deputies responded to a home at 7908 Walt Williams Road on a noise complaint involving roosters. Deputies observed roosters in pens and a round ring covered with carpet. Montero was in the process of dismantling the fighting ring and attempting to hide it inside the garage when deputies arrived.

Deputies found vitamins for roosters and a bottle of prescribed medication from a veterinarian in the Dominican Republic for a vitamin given to roosters before they fight to keep the bird from stressing.

The roosters were groomed for fighting with their spurs trimmed, combs cut, and feathers removed. The roosters were confiscated by the Polk County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Section.

Photo courtesy Polk County Sheriff's Office

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