VIDEO: Polk Inmate Claims Deputies Slacking Off

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (970 WFLA) — Video recorded by a Polk County jail inmate has led to an investigation by the Sheriff's Office.

A pair of deputies in the holding area are seen in the video obtained by News Channel 8.  The inmate claims they're slacking off.

"She ain't doing nothing," said the inmate, who was in the Polk Jail on Saturday morning.

“She looking at purses, but we supposed to be getting out. She supposed to do our paperwork,” the inmate is heard saying on the video.

Rodney Williams was sitting in the cell and claimed he was waiting for hours to be released on a misdemeanor charge. 

He took the video Saturday using another inmate’s cell phone.

Sheriff's spokesperson Carrie Hortsman said inmates aren't supposed to have cell phones.

"There’s definitely a policy in place to keep that from happening, and if that wasn’t followed, or someone made a mistake, then we will deal with that,” Horstman said.

photo credit:  WFLA-TV

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