Download Florida Gopher Tortoise Smartphone App

Tallahassee, FL. (970 WFLA)- Become a citizen scientist! The FWC needs your help documenting where gopher tortoises live. 

You can help by downloading and using the “Florida Gopher Tortoise” smartphone application (app). With this app, you can record the location of gopher tortoises you may see in your yard, neighborhood, or crossing the road. 

This information will help FWC biologists better understand where populations of gopher tortoises live. The app also contains gopher tortoise information and a fun quiz to test your knowledge, learn more about this protected native Florida species, and help protect and conserve gopher tortoises.

With your help, FWC will be able to better document where gopher tortoises are living within our Florida communities, and how we can work together to protect them.

The free app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Click here for information from FWC

Photo Credit:FWC

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