The Most-Streamed Netflix Shows By State

People in every state love to Netflix and chill, and now we know what they're watching on the streaming service. has compiled all the data and made a map of the most streamed series in each state.

The most popular show is Scandal, which viewers in the South and Midwest seem to love, while Orange is the New Black is huge in the Southwest and some plain states.

One interesting trend uncovered is that people like watching shows they can relate to. Oregonians are fans of Portlandia, which takes place there. Floridians love Bloodline, which is set in the Sunshine State. Californians enjoy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which takes place there, and Parks and Recreation, which is set in Indiana, is very popular in the Hoosier State.

Another interesting discovery is that Orange is the New Black is big in Arizona and Alaska, which have higher incarceration rates, so people can likely relate to the characters.

Netflix's Top Streaming Shows By State

Alabama: Bloodline

Alaska: Orange is the New Black

Arizona: Orange is the New Black

Arkansas: Scandal

California: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Colorado: House of Cards

Connecticut: Bloodline

Delaware: Shameless

Washington, D.C.: Scandal

Florida: Bloodline

Georgia: Scandal

Hawaii: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Idaho: Stranger Things

Illinois: Making a Murderer

Indiana: Parks and Recreation

Iowa: Scandal

Kansas: Jane the Virgin

Kentucky: The Walking Dead

Louisiana: Scandal

Maine: Nurse Jackie

Maryland: Scandal

Massachusetts: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Michigan: Orange is the New Black

Minnesota: Making a Murderer

Mississippi: Scandal

Missouri: Scandal

Montana: Peaky Blinders

Nebraska: Orange is the New Black

Nevada: Narcos

New Hampshire: Bloodline

New Jersey: Narcos

New Mexico: Orange is the New Black

New York: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

North Carolina: Scandal

North Dakota: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Ohio: Scandal

Oklahoma: Orange is the New Black

Oregon: Portlandia

Pennsylvania: Shameless

Rhode Island: Peaky Blinders

South Carolina: Bloodline

South Dakota: Making a Murderer

Tennessee: Gilmore Girls

Texas: Narcos

Utah: Gilmore Girls

Vermont: New Girl

Virginia: House of Cards

Washington: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

West Virginia: American Horror Story

Wisconsin: Fuller House

Wyoming: iZombie


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